Frances Williams Rewarding Databases

Frances Williams Rewarding Databases


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Frances Williams Rewarding Databases


FWRD provides small and medium sized businesses with valuable advice and guidance on how to manage their client database, grow their sales, generate new leads and improve their customer service to ultimately increase their bottom line.


Our core service is centered around the set-up and customisation of an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. We provide a complete set-up service of Zoho sales force automation software, an affordable web based CRM system.


We advise our clients on updating their sales process and procedures, supported by the implementation of a cloud CRM System. Every set-up is completely customised in order to reflect the sales process, fulfill the needs of the business and the customers it’s targeting. This includes a complete overhaul of the client database enabling you to successfully expand your database, market to that database, build a stronger brand presence and significantly improve customer service.


As business owners we know that the best kind of business is repeat and referred business. You’ve done the hard work, now all you have to do is look after those customers and remind them your here. But it’s not that easy. We get distracted by current business and forget or don’t find the time to nurture our existing database. A small upfront investment will give your business the opportunity to completely focus on the entire customer life-cycle (lead generation – acquisition – conversion – retention – loyalty) thus delivering superior customer service that sets you apart from the rest.


It is our goal to assist you to service the biggest and most underutilised asset in your business, YOUR DATABASE